415 Commits (master)

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onefang 8d2df8e3d9 Update base files reference package. 1 month ago
onefang 4f644b85c3 Oops, .git is a directory, not a file. 2 months ago
onefang 8c8e965b97 Yet another attempt to stop it crashing rarely. 3 months ago
onefang 61179bf107 Yet another attempt to sort out these log file crashes. 3 months ago
onefang d70e8ff536 Actually exit when still running. 4 months ago
onefang d25c62ff30 Moar chown changes. 4 months ago
onefang 20bd7dd2d8 Change the chowns. 4 months ago
onefang 83e25cf176 Check for stale lock file. 4 months ago
onefang ddb9895ae6 Only git pull if it's a git version. 4 months ago
onefang e5d51a2cb3 Minor tweak to DNSRR output. 4 months ago
onefang f4cb387adc Work around broken DNS by trying again @ 4 months ago
onefang fee4e4e6ab Nil out a closed logfile. 4 months ago
onefang 9030bd872a Print the error message for not being able to open the log file, instead of trying to put it in the unopened log file. 4 months ago
onefang 73a372bde4 Print CRITICAL errors as well as putting them in the log file. 4 months ago
onefang bad00aa685 ;; Warning, extra type option 4 months ago
onefang b66f9e0886 Cater for more mirrors. 4 months ago
onefang 28bad659ca Give up on using devuan-keyring as a Devuan reference package, try base-files instead. 4 months ago
onefang 12028f5fa2 Yet another update to the Devuan keyring. 4 months ago
onefang aae952576a More keyring fixes. 5 months ago
onefang 5fffd5ff81 Update Devuan keyring. 5 months ago
onefang 58cbe969b7 Explain the new red question mark. 1 year ago
onefang 3af7bf49de Include DNSRR: maybe in the DNSRR checks. 1 year ago
onefang df217cf77f Only do the RR check if the mirror agrees to be in the RR. 1 year ago
onefang 13eb6bb667 Update apt-transport-https version. 1 year ago
onefang 4b5ff1ce12 Tick or cross in the table for DNS-RR. 1 year ago
onefang 767456506b Oops, use .value for the actual, you know, value. 1 year ago
onefang fe8fc1dee0 Don't hard code deb.roundr.devuan.org all over the place, and check the results. 1 year ago
onefang 0197902953 Don't crash if a DNS-RR mirror fails to resolve. 1 year ago
onefang 5668e3a86e Don't continue testing mirrors with no IP addresses. 1 year ago
onefang 503e0627af Strip out DNS-RR duplicates. 1 year ago
onefang 08b99a0d03 Bump to version 0.3 and report it in the web page. 1 year ago
onefang b15b6da64a FDQN -> FQDN 1 year ago
onefang a06e989281 io.popen returns nil sometimes, deal with that. 1 year ago
onefang e64345c878 Add back Jessie, and promote Chimaera, and add Daedalus. 1 year ago
onefang 44bd3bd9d4 Use releases from apt-panopticommon. 1 year ago
onefang 23b45eaa9e Increase number of mirrors allowed in the graph. 2 years ago
onefang 792b7ed38e Update the DEBIAN-SECURITY package. 3 years ago
onefang 670f5031e9 TODO++ 3 years ago
onefang c05d4ff4d1 If a thing is untested, mark it as so. 3 years ago
onefang 40143650d2 Work around a problem with the STATUS files. 3 years ago
onefang 4f5e609b3c Quick hack to prevent RRD bitching, fix it later, meeting coming up. 3 years ago
onefang bf5ee4b513 Use the new DNSRR field from mirror_list.txt to do the correct thing. 3 years ago
onefang 5d82da2375 Typo-- 3 years ago
onefang 3b2fc3f954 Only print DNS-RR tick or cross if it's a DNS-RR candidate according to mirror_list.txt. 3 years ago
onefang 94472fd38e Check for nil FDQN and BaseURL. 3 years ago
onefang 83141c0aee No DNS-RR reports for IPv6 addreses if IPv6 is disabled. 3 years ago
onefang 1975069c97 gitea -> git. 3 years ago
onefang 09fb177855 Remove jessie (it's been archived), promote beowulf (new stable), add chimaera (new testing). 3 years ago
onefang bd43a33187 Migrate to gitea.devuan.dev for the Devuan repo. 3 years ago
onefang 7fb4a6a850 Create the DNS-RR good and bad files. 3 years ago